"The only requirement for membership - Desire". Desire launched us in 1994 to begin WICYPAA's journey. We didn't know in 1995 we would be "Rocketed into a 4th dimension of which we had not even dreamed" and WICYPAA took us to new heights of enthusiasm, service and friendships. 1996 laid the foundation for WICYPAA to grow and created a "Design for living that really works."

Having fun in sobriety can mean life or death for some of us. 1997 reminded us to "Keep it Simple" enjoy the journey; it's not the destination.

We realized coming together in 1998 we were "Alone no More" that kept us connected on your young people's quest. Tired and sometimes burnt out Advisory in 1999 would yell "It works it really Does!" Into the millennium our strength laid in "Unity through Attraction." Our future rests in the hands of the next generation of young AA leaders. Again our journey was "Rocketed into a 4th dimension" in 2001. Although we didn't land gently, our loving and dedicated advisors picked us up, WICYPAA 2002 realized it's "Simple but not Easy" and recommits to keeping the spark of enthusiasm alive and strong.

WICYPAA embraced new members to give freely and join us to "Trudge the road of Happy Destiny" and our work began in 2003. In 2004 it was imperative for the growth of WICYPAA to build a "Safe Haven" for all to come too, learn and believe in. AA's three legacies Unity, Recovery and Service show us how "Our common welfare should come first" personal recovery does affect AA as a whole, 2005 our mission is to be young people with manners.

It was "My chance to Live" in 2006 and I will make it the fellowship I crave by giving back what was so freely given to me by those who came before us. "We have stopped fighting anybody or anything" in 2007.

WICYPAA depends on our continued quest for a young peoples conference to show how to replace booze with fun and laughter, late night meetings and caffeine buzzes. If young people could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn't want it. We showed them in 2008 that "We aren't a glum lot" in Green Bay. It is not about quitting drinking, it is about staying stopped!

"Our roots grasped new soil" in 2009, replacing bad habits with good habits and teaching us how to live, not just survive. In 2010 WICYPAA grew a new spine and stood up to teaching the young at heart that "life will mean something at last". By discovering that "Alone we're weak, together we're strong" WICYPAA united young people like never before in 2011. We have "a sense of belonging" in 2012. No longer separate we watched each other transform into a new family.

On our twentieth anniversary of showing how life can take on new meaning as a young person in Alcoholics Anonymous in 2013, we continued forth by using our enthusiasm and excitement to bring love and service to others, showing everyone how we are "living in the answer." Bill wrote it, our experience has proven it, so now we are living it. As we come together both old timers and enthusiastics in 2014, hand and hand we walk together "In the Sunlight at Last".

Basking in the rays of the sun we see our fellowship grow up about us. In 2015 the bonds across the state are strengthened as Eau Claire shows us, "We are never alone." Having had the AA and WICYPAA family united stronger than ever, our recovery begins to blossom. In 2016, the Promises come true as our way forward is revealed with "A New Freedom." With our new freedom a new experience of God's light shines through. In Milwaukee 2017 they showed us how it works in "The Sunlight of the Spirit"

In 2018, WICYPAA brings us to La Crosse where we celebrte a quarter-century escaping disaster as we continue to "Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny!"

We tranfer the insane crazy to sober fun with 2019's "Insidious Insanity." As we trudged through the insidious insanity our vision clears with 2020's "A Vision for you."

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